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NDG Podiatry Clinic

Located in Montreal, Sherbrooke West street corner Cavendish near CSL. The clinic offers X-Rays, minor surgery, 3D custom foot orthotics, emergency visits, diabetic care, warts, treatments for foot infections and more.

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Treatments & Services

The NDG Podiatry Clinic treats many different types of foot and ankle issues. We treat diabetic feet, plantar warts, bunions, nail fungus, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), neuromas, calluses, corns, hammer toes, athlete's foot problems, ingrown toenails, senior foot care and more.

Radiology and ultrasound is available in the office with instant results without waiting. We are working closely with multiple custom foot orthotics labs and certified orthotist/prosthetists, and we provide prescriptions for medical shoes, braces and custom foot orthotics after consultation and evaluation.

Our Clinic

The NDG Podiatry Clinic, located at the corner of Cavendish and Sherbrooke West street,  in Montreal between the new Glen Hospital and Montréal West, provides care, diagnosis, and professional treatments for foot and ankle problems in children, adults, and seniors. You benefit from our commitment to comfortable, fast, and effective care. We prescribe exclusive slim orthotics, that can fit almost any shoe. Moreover, we do not limit ourselves solely to improving the aesthetics of your feet. Contact us with tour questions and concerns, and we will provide you and appointment to discuss and treat your foot problems. We work with podiatric surgeons, and after evaluation and diagnosis, we provide referrals for more advances foot surgeries.

We remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, Monday to Thursday.

Our Podiatrists

With over eleven years of experience as a podiatrists, doctors in podiatric medicine, with equipment on the cutting edge of technology, our health care staff is dedicated to relieving your foot problems. With extensive training in foot dermatology and skin cancer prevention, we follow numerous conferences in United States and Canada for our patients.

  • Dr. Dejan Radic

    Dr. Dejan Radic Podiatrist

    Dr. Dejan Radic, podiatrist, graduated with a Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine in 2010 from the second ever 4-year group at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. He has also had the opportunity to enrich his knowledge during a 4 month internship at the renowned New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM).

    Following his studies, Dr. Dejan Radic, podiatrist, has added numerous other certifications in United States and Canada in order to better serve his patients, with dermoscopy, podiatric dermatology, podiatric radiology and musculoskeletal ultrasound license.

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  • Dr. David Youdim

    Dr. David Youdim, Podiatrist

    Dr. David Youdim, Podiatrist, completed his studies to obtain a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine degree from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières.

    He interned at the prestigious New York College of Podiatric Medicine and at the Metropolitan Hospital, located in Manhattan, NYC. Additionally, he completed rotations at the Centre Hospitalier Régional de Lanaudière located in the city of Joliette, at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke, and at the Centre Hospitalier Affilié Universitaire Régional in Trois-Rivères.

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Are the fees for a podiatric consultation covered by the Régie de L'assurance Malidie du Québec (RAMQ)?

Except for exemption for specialized wound care programs, podiatric consultation fees are not reimbursed by the RAMQ. The costs of podiatric care are often covered by insurance companies. However, check with your insurer before making an appointment with the podiatrist, since coverage varies from company to company.

Does the government still reimburse certain expenses related to podiatric care?

Yes, the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity offers certain reimbursements if you have to wear a plantar orthotic. The special "Plantar orthotics" service can be reimbursed under certain conditions, the first of which is the certificate (signed document) by a doctor of the necessity of the need. The prescription of an orthotic made by a podiatrist is also accepted.

Do you need a referral from the doctor to meet a podiatrist?

No, you don't need a medical referral. If your general practitioner, medical specialist or any other health professional refers you to see a podiatrist, a prescription with the reason for the consultation can help the podiatrist and respond to the health professional with a summary of your visit. Sometimes the podiatrist can recommend a specialist for further examinations. When making an appointment, the receptionist will ask you a few questions about the reason for the consultation in order to assess the time and needs necessary for your meeting with the podiatrist.